Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of these times, we can use our desire to sleep better as a wake-up call

Lesson Description

Author, psychotherapist and yoga therapist Lisa Sanfilippo offers 5 practices drawing upon a synergy of sleep science, yogic and psychotherapeutic wisdom that help you sleep more easily and deeply, to wake refreshed, boost immunity, and increase resilience. Get the facts and tools that follow circadian rhythms (natural daily cycles) to prevent cabin-fever-insomnia, avoid emotional sleep sabotage, and support immune-boosting, healthy rest.

Instructor: Lisa Sanfillipo

Lisa Sanfilippo is a psychotherapist (UKCP, MA), yoga therapist, the author of the newly released book Sleep Recovery, and one of London’s most highly sought after yoga teachers. She views our sleep in terms of mental, physical and spiritual wellness. As a recovered insomniac herself, she weaves humour and compassion through her imminently do-able strategies for enjoying better sleep. Lisa’s text book, Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery, forms the basis of training for a variety of health professionals: yoga teachers, doctors and therapists. Lisa features in the media extensively (Stylist Magazine, Glamour (US), Psychologies, The Daily Mail, Marie Claire online and Balance Magazine) but is also notoriously tight-lipped about her clientele, which includes internationally-recognised actors and heads of industry and everyone from students to shamans.