Awareness & Balance of the Three Functional Minds

Lesson Description

Angad will discuss the three mental bodies, from the yogic perspective, including awareness of our patterned tendencies, how we respond to and manage the challenges of the times, and how we can cultivate an Applied Mind. The session includes meditation demonstrations.

Instructor: Angad Kaur

Angad Kaur is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and teacher trainer with the Kundalini Research Institute and Karam Kriya School. Her consultancy work includes the spiritual science of applied numerology to support meaningful change and life transitions, combined with Kundalini Therapy which integrates Kundalini Yoga with systems of holistic medicine. She’s taught yoga and meditation in hospitals, psychiatric wards, refugee programs, recovery centres, and in the summer will launch Radiant Mind, a resource for teachers, therapists and practitioners.