Breath Magic for Kids: Calming Practices for Kids and Teens

Lesson Description

Dr. Pat helps you teach your children simple breathing practices to calm down when they feel upset, dissolve anger, and fall asleep. Bring a small stuffed animal, a “Breath Buddy,” to help your child learn Coherent Breathing and more. When a family breathes together, tensions melt away and love flows. Dr. Pat has trained teachers to use Breath-Body-Mind successfully to help at-risk and refugee children in the US and other countries. Stressed children love to learn simple ways to regulate their own emotions, forget their worries, and fall asleep at night. Co-Author with Dr. Richard P. Brown: Non-Drug Treatments for ADHD.

Instructor: Dr. Patricia L. Gerbarg

Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, assistant clinical professor in psychiatry at New York Medical College, graduate of Harvard Medical School and the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute, now practices Integrative Psychiatry. She and her husband, Dr. Richard Brown, create Breath-Body-Mind courses, co-author award-winning books, and explore the mysterious and powerful connections between the breath and the mind.