Freeing the Neck and Shoulders : Stretches and Myofascial Techniques to Release Tension

Lesson Description

Silvia will guide you through a sequence to gently release areas of tension in the upper body using stretches, postural advice and self myofascial release. We will look at ways to better integrate the thoracic spine in order to further facilitate areas of the upper spine and at the same time free the breath. By deepening our ability to sense patterns of tension that we hold in our muscles and tissues we can gain an insight into our innate ability to self regulate the body's stress response and create better habits.

Instructor: Silvia Laurenti

Silvia Laurenti is a senior musculo-skeletal physiotherapist and chronic pain clinical specialist. She has been working extensively in the NHS and in private practice. Silvia is also a qualified Yoga and Pilates teacher : she is especially passionate to integrate physiotherapy with yoga and embodiment techniques as modalities for the relief of persistent pain .