Göran Boll – Six Chair Yoga Sets

Lesson Description

In April this year Goran Boll, the Swedish creator of MediYoga, led one of the most viewed lectures on HealthFlix: “The most tested yoga sequence in Sweden”. Four simple exercises tested in numerous published studies on yoga since 1998, offered to all kinds of patients, in 20% of all NHS units in Sweden (282).

Now Goran will guide you through one of this set´s six “siblings”, a simple 30 minute yoga set you can do sitting on your chair.

All six “siblings” will be aired on Healthflix below:

June 30th, July 7, 14, 21, 28 and August 4th at 5:30 PM BST UK each time.

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Instructor: Goran Boll

Goran Boll from Sweden is the creator of MediYoga. He has taught and lectured on yoga internationally since 1995 and has participated in 90% of all research on yoga in Sweden. Over ten years he has managed to get yoga into 20% of all NHS units in Sweden, for all types of patients.


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