Joint Mobilization for Reducing Stiffness (in Body and Mind)

Lesson Description

With many people around the world confined to our homes, we may be working remotely in less-than-ideal spaces, which can result in poor posture and even pain. Out of our routines, we may also find that there is less movement built into the day. Additionally, when we feel stressed or uncertain (which is most of us these days), there may be a tendency to unintentionally tighten muscles, thereby exacerbating stiffness and pain. A regular practice of mobilizing all of the major joints of the body can help to reduce these effects. This session will begin with a grounding and centering practice, followed by sequential seated joint mobilization, and ending with a brief mindful reflection.

Instructor: Steffany Moonaz

Dr. Steffany Moonaz founded Yoga for Arthritis after 8 years at Johns Hopkins University where she studied the effects of yoga for people living with arthritis. She now serves as the Director of Clinical and Academic Research at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, which offers the nation’s only Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy. She continues to conduct research on the effects of yoga for chronic pain and joint conditions, and mentors yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and emerging researchers. She is passionate about ensuring that yoga practices are safe, welcoming, and appropriate for people with arthritis nationwide.