Re-Connecting at a Time of Personal Disconnection

Lesson Description

Michael will describe how we can use personal isolation as a time to review our own personal significance and meaning. How we might make it an opportunity to reconnect with our food, the soil and our natural surroundings as well as our inner selves. How it might also be a catalyst for re-creating local communities if we can become master rather than servant of the new technologies that we will require over the coming months.

Instructor: Dr. Michael Dixon

Dr. Michael Dixon is a GP and Chairs the Institute for Social Prescription as well as being Chairman of the College of Medicine. Michael was previously Chair of NHSAlliance and government advisor on GP commissioning. Michael is a strong advocate of preventative medicine, healthy living and integrated care. Its philosophy is to help patients keep well instead of waiting until they are sick before helping them. It is demonstrated by his Devon GP practice with its low referral rates and high scores on all performance indicators. He is visiting Professor at University College London and at the University of Westminster.

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