“Shake it off”- Bollywood style


Lesson Description

A dance workshop with methods used weekly as a stress relief in Sweden’s largest high security prison for women. Regulate stress and anxiety and get your energy going with rhythm, body language and easy and fun dance steps from Bollywood style dancing. "Tighten the turban and wax your moustache".

Instructor: Josefin Wikstrom

Josefin Wikström (Minded Yoga therapist,TCTSY-F, e-RYT, YACEP) is the Founder and Executive Director of Trauma Informed Yoga and Movement Sweden, Director of Programs PYP Europe and India, and co-founder of the evidence based Swedish prison yoga project- Krimyoga. Josefin is the developer of trauma informed therapeutic yoga, dance and movement programs for forensic psychiatry, juvenile justice systems, refugee integration and trauma treatment centers for exposed youth and children. She also developed the therapeutic programs for the book ”Yoga Therapy for Prisoners Mental Health”.