Singing Your Heart In: Using The Voice to Relax the Nervous System and Connect to the Heart

Lesson Description

In this short workshop we will explore using the voice to stimulate the 'rest and digest' branch of the autonomic nervous system via the vagus nerve. We will finish by chanting a mantra (a song) for healing together.

Instructor: Dr. Nicole Schnackenberg

Dr Nicole Schnackenberg is a Child and Educational Psychologist and a Kundalini yoga teacher with training in yoga therapy. She divides her time between her role as a psychologist at Southend Educational Psychology Service, her position as a trustee of the Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation and of the Give Back Yoga Foundation UK, and her facilitation of the Eat Breathe Thrive yoga programme. Nicole is a director of the Yoga in Healthcare Alliance and the author of various books including, False Bodies, True Selves, Bodies Arising and the Parent’s Guide to BDD.