The importance having a strong ‘host’ has never been more important than now

Lesson Description

Modern medicine has evolved into a 'fix it and forget it' health care, where the importance and responsibility for a person's health and wellbeing has moved from individuals and community to the healthcare providers and systems. This is now being tested to its limits and we need to explore for now and the future how we can use current and traditional wisdom to compliment healthcare with welfare.

Instructor: Dr Amit Bhargava

Amit is GP Senior Partner at Southgate Medical Group in Crawley and Member of the Council of College of Medicine. He has had many clinical leadership roles since 1999 which include at national, regional and local level, their purpose was to drive improvement through transformation of individual and population health and wellness, input into developing health policies and championing salutogensis and supported selfcare. His passion is creating collaborations and partnerships that will have a positive impact in improving the health and social capital and resilience of individuals in communities, especially for the most vulnerable and dispossessed. He feels strongly that the solutions for sustainable health and care systems lies in integrated community based delivery with a strong supported primary care, working towards creating self-healing communities where individuals having a strong voice and input in their health and wellness.