The Magic of Fascia

Lesson Description

Fascia is not new. Hidden in the obvious for centuries; mistaken historically for inert packaging material, we have begun to learn its significance. It is your body’s best kept secret. This talk will provide three keys and three simple practices to enhance it for your body, mind and being.

Instructor: Joanne Avison

Joanne Avison, mother, author, advanced Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), is also a manual practitioner/teacher in Structural Integration; her Masters’ Degree is in Spiritual Sciences. Joanne’s unique presentations and passion for unconcealing our  innate ‘biomotional intelligence’ (from the laboratory to the living room) honours both new research on fascia and ancient wisdom of sacred geometry.  As a graduate of the CMED institute, Joanne asks “How can we help ourselves to live, breathe and move better, in harmony with our nature?”