Ukulele for Beginners – Sing or Play Along!


Lesson Description

An easy-to-follow introduction to the ukulele for beginners and those who are curious about this plucky little instrument. If you have a ukulele that is still in the box - now is the time to unleash you inner musician! Playing ukulele is good for your heart and mind, and is a great stress reliever. It's also a massive amount of fun and you'll never be lonely again with new found ukulele friends. It's easy to play your favourite songs by learning the basics in just a short period of time. Tori will lead you through an easy tutorial at a gentle pace, so you can learn basic strum patterns and a few simple chords to get you started. By the end of the session you will be able to play a well-known and uplifting tune. The first step to joining a new movement of ukulele players from around the world! You can just watch out of curiosity, join in for the singing part or grab a ukulele and play along. You'll also need a tuner (phone apps are available) and a sense of adventure.

Instructor: Tori Williams

Tori is a ukulele and yoga teacher living in the Midlands, England. She sometimes combines her love of ukulele and yoga for a fun and uplifting soul experience. Her style of teaching is lighthearted and supportive.