Vocal and instrumental Jazz performance

Lesson Description

We will perform and talk about jazz. The music will be drawn from public domain jazz standards and original compositions. The aim is to entertain and inform.

Instructor: Peter Einhorn

Peter Einhorn is a Brazilian/Jazz guitarist who has played with Joe Lavono, Jimmy Cobb, Steve Swallow, Placido Domingo, John Abercrombie, Jim Hall, Steve Kuhn, Eddie Daniels, Roland Hanna, Walter Booker and many others, with performances ranging from the gambit of NYC jazz clubs, to the NY Metropolitan Opera .

Selected recordings as a leader and as part of a group are available on the “Music CD” page of www.petereinhorn.com. Other recordings include Karl Berger’s StillPoint with John Lindberg (N.Y. String Trio) which is distributed on Sunny Moon records.