Past Talks

Time (UK)6th April7th April8th April9th April10th April11th April12th April
8.00amRole of Yogic Perspective in dealing with fear induced by the current COVID19 Pandemic

Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani
Singing Your Heart In: Using The Voice to Relax the Nervous System and Connect to the Heart

Nicole Schnackenberg
Self care for parents and children with special and additional needs

Jyoti Manuel
Walking Meditation-Calming the Anxious Mind

Heather Mason
The Magic of Fascia

Joanne Avison
9.00amThe Eye of the Storm - The Silent Space In Between

Goran Boll
Connection beyond Separation: Transforming Fear into Soothing Support

Lisa Kaley-Isley
The Page Listens: Creative Writing with Both Hemispheres of the Brain

Nicole Schnackenberg
Nurture, nourishment and the power of oxytocin to calm and heal

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli
10.00amAwareness & Balance of the Three Functional Minds

Angad Kaur
Mindful Self-care in Challenging Times

Vidyamala Burch
Supporting Digestion for Immunity through Simple Movement

Charlotte Watts
Yoga is for everyBODY

Donna Noble
Supporting Healthy Digestion and Immunity with simple dietary tips

Charlotte Watts
11.00amStaying Present in Challenging Times: Managing Mixed Messages from Your Heart, Mind and Body

Marcus Sorensen
Powerful and easy ways to get a break from the worrying mind by connecting back into your body

Maude Hirst
Sleep Recovery: Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of these times, we can use our desire to sleep better as a wake-up call

Lisa Sanfillipo
Chair Yoga at Home

Liz Oppedijk
How to Manage Emotional Eating in Quarantine

Chelsea Roff
12.00pmChair Yoga for Respiratory Resilience and Immune Support Part 2

Paul Fox
Learn Simple Acupressure Points for Stress Relief & Relief from Simple Aches and Pains

Dr Toh Wong
Practical science-based measures to maintain optimum health and resilience during the coronavirus pandemic

Simon Mills
Rituals for Daily Happiness - Journalling

Mira Manek
Finding Strength

Laurie C. Hyland Robertson
1.00pmYoga and Ayurveda for Immunity

Timothy McCall
Sleep Physiology and Hygiene

Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D
Yoga for Managing Stress and Flares in Autoimmune Disease

Steffany Moonaz
Zen Challenge

Charlotta Martinus
Live your authentic life and connect more fully with others

Marlysa Sullivan
"Shake it off"- Bollywood style

Josefin Wikstrom
2.00pmBreath Magic for Kids: Calming Practices for Kids and Teens

Dr Patricia Gerbarg
Breath-Body-Mind Practices for People with Asthma and Other Respiratory Issues

Dr Richard P. Brown
Navigating Disruption in Your Business

Jessica Garbett
Nurture Your Baby with Your Breath During Pregnancy, Delivery and Infancy

Dr Patricia Gerbarg & Phyllis Aries
Surfing the Waves of Worry with Simple, Accessible Calming Practices

Amy Weintraub
Lessons in self-love from the self-help books

Toni Jones
3.00pmHEALING CEREMONIES: Creating Personal Rituals for Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental Health

Dr Howard Silverman
Joint Mobilization for Reducing Stiffness (in Body and Mind)

Steffany Moonaz
Vocal and instrumental Jazz performance

Peter Einhorn, Emily Kate Einhorn and Beth Abrams
Harnessing a Neuroception of Safety in a Fearful World

Stephen Porges & Heather Mason
Stimulating Creativity in Children

Ayala Homossany
A Journey Through the Body for Greater Inner Awareness, Self-Knowledge, and Clarifying Your Sense of Meaning and Purpose in Difficult Times

Kristine Weber
Rev Kerry’s Easter Ceremony

Rev Kerry Corden
4.00pmRest and recover so you can tend and befriend: A 30 MINUTE YOGA NIDRA FOR DEEP REST

Professor David Peters
Pregnancy and COVID-19

Michael Dooley
Love as Embodied Medicine: The Oxytocin Hypothesis

Sue Carter
Making Conscious Choices in Turbulent Times

Michael Lee
Love in the Time of the Virus: Empathy and Relaxation for Every Day Life

Judith Hanson Lasater
Your own Yoga, Nutrition and Ayurvedic Detox Retreat at Home

Keith Squires
5.00pmCommunities of Care

Gail Parker
Mastering the Art and Science of Breathwork

Dan Brule
Making Meditation Accessible

Jivana Heyman
Sacred: Self care rituals during uncertain times

Theresa Cheung
Daily Self-Care for Pain Reduction

Amy Wheeler
6.00pmFinding Calm in the Midst of Chaos - Meditation for Everybody

Beryl Bender Birch
Cultivating Compassion: A Path Forward in Difficult Times

Shelly Prosko
Eating during lockdown - how can we optimise our health?

Toral Shah
Overcoming chronic pain without medication, using the Arrow technique

Freddy Jacquin
Pain Care Is Not Beyond Our Grasp

Neil & Lisa Pearson
Reflections on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Deepening Mindfulness Practice for Wellbeing in Troubled and Changing Times

Rhonda Magee
Time (UK)27th April28th April29th April30th April1st May2nd May3rd May
9.00amGuided Retreat with Göran Boll

Göran Boll
10.00amGuided Retreat with Göran Boll

Göran Boll
11.00amGuided Retreat with Göran Boll

Göran Boll
2.00pmIntroducing the Wim Hof Method & Conscious Breath

Daniel Beckitt
4.00pmSolving the Puzzle of Fatigue

Alex Howard
Nourishing Unbreakable Resilience and Well-Being

Richard Miller
5.00pmEmbodied Acceptance and Commitment

Matt Erb
Finding Transformation in a Time of Terror

James Gordon
Time (UK)4th May5th May6th May7th May8th May9th May10th May
10.00amYoga for Carers

Richard Kravetz
12.00pmThe 5 Side Effects of Kindness

Dr David Hamilton
4.00pmCertain of Uncertainty: Creating Your Normal Day by Day

Dr Stacie CC Graham
Ukulele for Beginners - Sing or Play Along!

Tori Williams
Time (UK)11th May12th May13th May14th May14th May16th May17th May
2.00pmYoga and Change (Perspectives and practice from antaranga yoga)

Shirley Telles
5.00pmSimple Self Care for Over 50

Larry Payne
Time (UK)18th May19th May20th May21st May22nd May23rd May24th May
1.00amSpanda – tuning into the motive impulse behind all movement, thought and emotion

Leigh Blashki
2.00pmDrawing Breath

Tom Granger
Time (UK)22nd June23rd June24th June25th June26th June27th June28th June
5.00pmBe Your Own Therapist: grief and difficult emotions

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